In a downtown skatepark, a man, three girls, their own lives, their own boring lives…
Hard life to live… so how to make it easier to live, how to live it?
Is time the key? Is skate the solution? Or whatever?
The only one thing is: They know the rules but now it’s another game…

Stylist: Amad Style
Photographer: Diane Sagnier
Makeup Artists: MeyloO & Mathilde Passeri
Hairstylist: Carole Douard
>> Anouk (brown hair & blue eyes) @IMG Models
>> Carla (dark brown hair & brown eyes) @IMG Models
>> Manon (caramel blond hair & brown eyes) @IMG Models
>> Kenny (The man)

amad8 amad7 amad6 amad5amad4 amad1 amad3 amad2 amad

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